A short animation series titled Beanie’s Daily will be exclusively distributed on FOD Premium!

    Beanie’s Daily (original title: 請吃小紅豆吧!), a short animation co-produced by Fuji Television Network, Inc. and Team Joy Co., Ltd., will be available exclusively on FOD Premium from April 1st (Friday).

    Beanie’s Daily has been available on the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili since 2018.

    This animated work became famous for its cute and unique characters and quickly surpassed 200 million views.

    Shota Aoi, one of the most popular and talented actors in the world today, plays the role of the main character, Beanie.
    He is an artist, musical actor, and famous voice actor, playing roles such as Ai Mikaze in the game Uta no Prince-sama and various main characters in other popular animation series.

    Beanie’s best friend, Jianxun Lee the Tapioca, is played by Shunya Ohira, famous for his roles in the musical The Prince of Tennis, Touken Ranbu, and as Tarachan in the stage play Sazae-san.
    Jianxun Lee is a calm, natural, and funny character, played opposite Ohira’s well-known cool and manly voice.

    Other voice actors include Toshiki Kumagai, who as a child dubbed the main character of Simba in the movie The Lion King, as well as the famous Tomokazu Sugita and Jun Oosuka, who will be playing other sweet characters!

    Season 1 of the short anime Beanie’s Daily (4 seasons in total) will be available on FOD Premium starting April 1st! On the first of each following month, the subsequent season will become available on FOD. We hope you will enjoy watching these cute little sweeties!

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    【Story Introduction】

    The anime Beanie’s Daily features the main character Beanie, an adzuki bean, and characters such as tapioca, aloe, and others.

    Beanie’s dream is to be eaten by humans and taste delicious. However, it is difficult for him to make his wish come true.

    But even so, Beanie is always thinking positively. “Tomorrow, I will make a human eat me and taste delicious!”

    And so, every day, Beanie goes to work in a variety of desserts.

    Beanie and the characters live in a world of desserts, a world of different perspectives from we humans.

    To humans, shaved ice with adzuki beans is just dessert, but to the eyes of Beanie, it is a world of fields of silvery-white, a perfect playground where sweet characters play, build snowmen, and ski.

    When humans drink tapioca drinks, the act of stirring can be a catastrophe that separates good friends from each other.

    Beanie meets various sweet friends at work and in various playful activities. We hope you will enjoy watching the daily life of these delightful and fun sweet characters.

    Program Outline

    ■Animation Title: Beanie’s Daily

    ■Distribution: Internet distribution

    Distribution starts on April 1st (Fri.)

    (Thereafter, full episodes of each season will be distributed on the first day of each month)


    Beanie / Shota Aoi

    Jianxun Lee / Shunya Ohira

    Anthony / Toshiki Kumagai

    Jianguo Zhao / Tomokazu Sugita

    Yuan / Jun Oosuka

    ■Japanese dubbing production

    Executive Producers: King Bai and Yasuyuki Azuma

    Producers: Qianmin Yang, Masaru Akiyama, Chie Kamata

    Director: Atsushi Sato

    Sound Production Manager: Akiha Kaneko

    Sound Production: QuatreStella

    Production: TEAM JOY CO., LTD., Fuji Television Network, Inc.

    Original animation: Guang Zhou Making Animation  Co., Ltd.

    ©Making Animation Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.